You are part of a diverse global alumni community, that is over 250,000 strong. 无论你的毕业之旅带你去哪里, the University and alumni community are 在这里 to 支持 you.


问校友+  是奔驰宝马网站社区的指导和职业网络之家吗. 作为会员,您可以:

  • 拓宽你的职业网络
  • Seek careers-focused 支持 from alumni in industry
  • Provide careers-focused 支持 to those following in your footsteps
  • 以导师或学员的身份与校友建立网络指导关系
  • Mentor current students through the Career Mentoring programme



在大学进行研究生学习,并利用高达1000英镑的学习费用折扣. 适用条款和条件, learn more about the alumni postgraduate discount.

Explore the university's range of postgraduate courses.


在完成学业后的两年时间里,您可以获得就业能力和职业服务中心提供的全方位服务. 通过简历获得支持, 工作申请, 职场信息, 实习, 指导, 毕业工作, 模拟面试, 研究生学习申请等.

Explore how the Employability and 职业生涯 Service can 支持 you.

就业能力和职业服务 也为雇主提供广泛的服务, from small and medium-sized enterprises to multinational corporations, to help you reach potential graduates and students across the University. 这包括免费的职业介绍所,招聘会上的展览邀请等等.

Greenwich offers a range of degree apprenticeships to employers. 该大学是一家知名的培训机构,与许多行业的雇主直接合作. 了解更多关于学位学徒的信息.

Learn more about how ECS can help your organisation.

每年有数百名格林威治学生报名向知名专业人士学习. If you or your colleagues are interested in the benefits of 指导, from developing leadership skills to nurturing graduate talent, 然后请发邮件 指导@rubyshoesday.com.

Generator is the home of enterprise at the University.

在完成学业后长达三年的时间里,你可以获得一系列的机会, 包括奖学金, 研讨会, 格林威治的免费联合办公空间, 以及一年一度的企业挑战赛.



在试运行成功之后, 奔驰宝马网站很高兴为校友社区的所有成员提供图书馆会员折扣计划, offering access to campus libraries for £30 annually (this used to be £50).

This offer allows for up to 5 books to be borrowed at any one time, 免费WiFi接入, 会员将收到一张层压卡片,它将提供物理访问网站. To register an account with the Library Services Team, 请填写这张表格. Due to the University’s licensing obligations, 校友不能使用学校的电脑或任何电子信息产品, 除了在线目录和特定的校友资源,可以在线访问(e.g. 在线期刊如下所示). Once your account has been approved, you will be sent a payment request. Your membership may take up to 4 weeks to be approved.

Please note: existing alumni passes are no longer valid.


We are also pleased to be able to offer free access to both JSTOR and Sage.

需要创建一个帐户,所以 请填写这张表格 and your account should be live in approximately 1 week. For questions relating to online journal access, please 联络图书馆服务组.


格林尼治大学图书馆服务已经收集了大量的开放获取资源,以支持有兴趣继续学习的校友, 研究与终身学习. Explore all the resources they have collated for alumni.


全年, alumni are invited to a number of in-person and virtual events, 从校友主导的讲座,到一系列由业界和学术界主导的公开讲座, and public exhibitions at our university galleries.

You can find the latest events for alumni on our website.


T在这里 are three exhibition spaces on the Greenwich Campus: The Stephen Lawrence Gallery; The Project Space and the Heritage Gallery. 欢迎校友参加全年展览,并加入 图库邮件列表, will be the first to hear about special events and previews.


If you are interested in running your own event (i.e. a reunion), or would like to speak at a university event, 请发邮件给奔驰宝马网站 欲知详情. You can explore our current live volunteering opportunities 在这里.



校友 can enjoy discounted rates at our Avery Hill campus gym.

Find out more, including membership prices and how to access your discount.

Hire of university conference spaces and accommodation

校友 can enjoy 10% discount on room hire across all three campuses. Contact the Conferences Office 欲知详情. 电话020 8331 9345或发邮件 conferences@rubyshoesday.com.



You can find links to maps and other useful campus travel information 在这里.

If you're coming to the Greenwich campus, then why not check out these specially designed audio tours 可以更好地了解格林威治的一些著名地标和奔驰宝马网站的大学设施? 如果你想参观校友和筹款办公室(奔驰宝马网站位于玛丽女王大厦, 159房间, 格林威治校区),那么请至少提前几天给奔驰宝马网站留言.

Make sure you also tag us in any photos from your visit on Instagram, 脸谱网, and Twitter (@greenwichalumni) using #GreGrads.



享受独家访问TOTUM职业, a benefits service designed especially for graduates and professional learners. Enjoy discounts with 200+ brands including ASOS, Microsoft and Las Iguanas.


Discounted tickets to Charlton Athletic home games


Please see a full list of Charlton Athletic men's first team fixtures 在这里.

The discount is redeemable by a code, which you can receive by emailing alumni@rubyshoesday.com. 给奔驰宝马网站发邮件时, 请确认您的全名, 校友 ID number (if known) and the match you wish to attend.

每个代码只对一张校友票有效,并且只对指定的比赛有效. 每场比赛的新代码通常会在比赛日前两周发布给校友和开发团队.

How to redeem your ticket once you've received your code

  • 访问 预订.cafc.co.uk
  • 请点击左上角的登录/注册(如果您使用的是手机,请点击右上角). 如果您以前没有在查尔顿竞技购买过门票,您需要在奔驰宝马网站的数据库中注册您的详细信息. 如果您已经购买了查尔顿体育的门票,请使用您的球迷ID或注册的电子邮件地址登录您的帐户.
  • 登录后请选择门票, 主场比赛,然后点击添加按钮下的比赛,促销码是有效的.
  • 此优惠码适用于球场内第2区任何座位. Please select up to 1 match tickets before clicking ‘add to basket’.
  • 在“输入优惠券”框中输入您收到的促销代码,然后单击“激活”.
  • 选择您是想自己在家打印机票,还是将其发送到您的手机上, 然后“继续结帐”.
  • 最后, 在选择“提交”以完成您的订单之前,请勾选“接受条款和条件”. Your tickets will be on their way to the email address shortly.


的工作,提供从个人培训到在线健康服务, 营养指导, 普拉提, 这种训练课程, 拉伸, 力量和更多. 他们通过细心的指导帮助客户建立对自己和身体的信心, 鼓励和愉快的锻炼. They offer 1-2-1 bespoke training and classes, and are offering a special deiscount for University of Greenwich alumni, 哪种服务可以打八折. Come and join their diverse community and work that mind, body and soul!

使用 Greenwich校友 for all individual classes, personal training sessions and 拉伸 sessions.

Greenwich校友Bundle 适用于所有套餐,包括个人训练套餐和生活方式重置计划.

每月订阅课程, 请按此处. The special discount has already been applied.

If you have any questions about the alumni discount or 的工作,'s 服务, 请发邮件至hello@workthat.co.uk.


If you are in your final or only year of study, 探索这些信息, 旨在帮助您在开始为学习结束做准备时充分利用可用的支持和资源.

This includes information about student wellbeing, 财务和职业方面的支持,以及大学邮箱和图书馆账户终止的时间.